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TakeYourRadio has been on hiatus so far in 2008 but we couldn't let a whole year go by without an update. So once again for your listening pleasure, four fresh mixes to tide you over for the next few months. We're taking time off to regroup, recoup, and reboot. Stay tuned for the next chapter...

New Arrivals July 2008

Rise Up | Electro35
Dedicated to Summer in NYC, this mo' better mix features Nu Tropic, Joyce, Visioneers, Flying Lotus and more. It's time to walk into the sun.
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Stalman Selektion | Almatin
Another slice of funky niceness from Almatin including offerings from The Natural Yogurt Band, Linda Tillery and Aaron Jerome.
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The Bird With Nine Tails | Electro35
Electro35 watches too many Dario Argento films and cooks up a giallo-inspired mix of soul, psyche, folk, and sleazy funk.
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Rough Love III: Tough Love | Almatin
The final part of the trilogy explores what happens when sweet love turns sour. Funky takes on break-ups, make-ups, cheating and bad love.
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