So who made Cool C's track 'Juice Crew Dis' for example?

Stead and myself. The siren in that record is not a siren at all - it's Steady's mouth! He whistled into the mic and sped it up and came up with that sound. I can remember it like two minutes ago. We actually took a page out of Public Enemy's book with that one. The Bomb Squad was sick wit' it.

The Juice Crew samples - especially the snippets of Biz Markie's laughing beatbox - were a nice touch.

A little bit of history for ya - I was cutting those in live. All of it was from the turntables. I cut it throughout the entire song. Looping was just catching on then and it wasn't totally explored. As a DJ I just wanted to drop that joint in like random.

That was one of my favourite records from that whole 'Bridge Wars' saga. [1]

Man that record broke their backs! I heard Shan was like "Who the hell is this cat?". He didn't reply though. Basically we liked them - the idea came from my manager again. He had a problem with Marley because he left, but no-one is gonna sit around and get jerked. He was on a mission like the most of us.

I'm so glad to have touched you with that one. I didn't know that record reached over there [to England] - we had no idea it was rocking like that. I mean, I heard all sorts of reports that it was selling in London but we had no real evidence.

I hope you got paid somewhere down the line.

The only payment I received was my name and the memories. But hey I can live with it. I'm still touring off of it. And Beanie Siegel sampled it recently - that was an honour.

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What other tracks have you produced?

The first 3D track with Cool C - do you know it?

'Crushin & Bussin'?

"I'm Cool C, I'm not here to play". Yes sir. Didn't think you would know it. Stead and I did that one too. We made their first record. I also found the track that is called 'Da Giddy Up'.

We shared a drum machine and I wanted to put the song in the box. I played it for my manager and Steady - I told him it was hot. They acted as if they didn't hear me. The next day I'm coming up the driveway to his house and I hear the sample. I'm like "Shit I got robbed!". Then it was like "Ok Tat, can you find some cuts to go with this?".

Was Cool C's 'Down to the Grissle' one of yours too?

You know it. Steady and I, we were a team man. I was the official Hilltop Hustlers DJ. It wasn't a Hilltop record if I didn't cut on it. That's the way Lawrence wanted it. He made sure we all got our shine on - if you can shine with no money.

How about after the Hilltop Hustlers records?

I actually produced this group from Philly called the Ebony Broadcast System. They had a few local records and did pretty well. We shot a video and all. They had some love. BET was playing it as well as the Video Jukebox – it was national but nothing major. Then I hooked up with Kwam.

I did one track on Kwame's last LP but since then it was all about DJing. I started doing mix tapes in like '94 and it just went crazy from there. I was touring crazy. I slowed it down two years ago when I bought a house and my daughter was born but I'm back on the grind now. The skills are even sicker.